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Cork equipped to be the centre of offshore wind farms

Maxine McCreadie 

11 December 2020


SUCH is the level of interest in a Cork man’s latest venture that he iscomparing it to the gold rush in California in the latter half of the 19thcentury, which attracted hundreds of thousands of prospectors.

Pearse Flynn, who describes himself as a serial entrepreneur, hasinvested €10 million of his own money into a business that will service thefuture needs of offshore wind farms. His new company, Green Rebel Marine, willcreate 80 new jobs.

Pearse has also acquired Crosshaven Boatyard, a nine acre site that willserve as a base for the operation to survey, equip and service a network ofplanned wind farms along the Irish coast. The boatyard will continue its normaloperations.

According to this businessman, Cork is equipped tobe the centre of offshore wind farms in this country and there is potential forit to be a big industry, generating power in an environmentally friendly way.

Pearse, currently based in Scotland, is from Ballycotton in County Corkand has built a house there to which he’ll move when the pandemic travelrestrictions are lifted. He has always had an interest in marine matters.

“You don’t grow up in Ballycotton without having aninterest in the sea. My family on my mother’s side were into the fishingbusiness. It was a summer tradition that you worked on fishing boats during theholidays. It would soften your cough in terms of what hard work really is.”

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