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Green Rebel has been described as one of the most exciting start-ups in recent Irish history.  It is a dynamic company specializing in data acquisition, analytics and consultancy to support offshore renewable energy development. We are Ireland's most capable and established provider of marine geophysical data and analysis for marine renewable energy projects. We ensure the highest quality service offering with our world class multi-disciplinary scientific team and state-of-the-art technology, including our dedicated survey vessels, bespoke aircraft and advanced met ocean solutions including the best-in-class LIDAR buoys. At Green Rebel our goal is to be a key contributor to Ireland meeting its renewable energy goals and eventually becoming a carbon neutral country. Our survey methods are strategically designed to limit ecological and maritime disruption.

About Us

Green Rebel is a dynamic company specializing in data acquisition, analytics and consultancy to support offshore renewable energy development. We are an innovative and ambitious Irish company which is growing rapidly. We ensure the highest quality service offering with our accomplished team of world class scientists and experienced business leaders, coupled with dedicated survey vessels, as well as our own state of the art aircraft. We give our clients everything they need to make informed, data-driven and ecologically responsible decisions through high quality geophysical, geotechnical and digital aerial surveys. Our survey methods are strategically designed to limit ecological and maritime disruption.

Our multi-client survey offering, is the most optimal and least impactful approach for offshore site investigation. It also means that we will have the data readily available for clients, thereby shortening their route to market by up to 24 – 36 months. We recently acquired IDS Monitoring and the IDS MK-II LIDAR Buoy is the most advanced LIDAR buoy in the world which will satisfy the industry's need for the best metocean data. Our aim is to be the driving force behind Ireland meeting its renewable energy goals by 2030 and achieving our dream of becoming a carbon neutral country.

Our Story

Green Rebel Group

Green Rebel's founder Pearse Flynn is from a fishing community in Ballycotton, County Cork. He has worked across Europe and the United States in multiple managerial and entrepreneurial roles and has a track record of successfully growing and re-engergising companies. At a local meeting with wind farm developers, Pearse was surprised to learn that billions of euros were being deployed in the renewable energy sector off our coasts. Pearse recognised the huge opportunity to drive the development of offshore wind farms and with the assistance of key experts, studied the industry before starting up Green Rebel. Pearse was determined to get the best local scientists and business leaders involved in propelling this business model forward to create mass value for Ireland.


Green Rebel is proudly headquartered in Crosshaven, a small village in the South of County Cork. We are based in Crosshaven Boatyard which has been a staple in the local community since it was first established more than 60 years ago. This location is steeped in history, for example, the Boatyard is famously the birthplace of the incredible 1965 "Moonduster" yacht as well as the "St. Brendan" and many other famous vessels. It was the first boatyard in Ireland to construct a commercial marina with a marine travel hoist and is now the base for the Green Rebel survey fleet. 

Our Values

Supporting Local

Green Rebel recognise the vast amount of talent and resources that exist in this country, that is why we ensure a fully Irish supply chain. We are dedicated to creating Irish jobs and aim to create 800 Irish jobs by 2030. We are engaging in a just transition strategy, which essentially means that no one is left behind in the transition from a carbonised to a decarbonised country. We support local businesses and we are always looking for ways to give back to our local community. We want to see Cork grow as Ireland’s green energy hub.


Not only are we protecting the planet by supporting the development of offshore wind farms, but we are environmentally conscious in everything we do. For example, our survey methods are designed to limit any maritime disruption and any unnecessary use of resources and our survey aircraft is the most fuel and CO2 emission efficient in its class on the market. We also own electric company cars and avoid all single-use plastic in our offices. We engage in a circular economy meaning that we reuse, remake and update any waste into useable products.


The founder of the company Pearse Flynn saw Ireland’s potential in the generation of offshore renewable energy and a gap in the Irish market for a comprehensive site investigation company to support this development. Establishing an organisation to fill that gap in such a relatively unknown and new market is a challenge as it calls for mass innovation and education. Every member of the Green Rebel team is taking on the challenge of  working in an ambitious and determined company that is developing at a very quick pace.


Green Rebel ia not  just a survey company, not a data company, not a consultancy company – we are a single point of contact for the acquisition of  superior data and knowledge generation needed by the offshore renewable energy industry. We are always looking for new ways to expand and grow. We  develop ways that will make the work of our clients easier, that will help us to positively impact climate change and support Irish businesses and our local communities, we are determined to continuously find new projects that will allow us to do just that.

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