Metocean leaders since 1996

Delivering reliable data from the toughest offshore locations.

Leaders in the MetOcean space for the past 25 years, IDS Monitoring is the Green Rebel MetOcean team. With extensive experience in designing, building and deploying buoys, we offer a lower risk option for ambitious offshore developers. The Green Rebel - IDS purpose built, state-of-the-art Floating LiDAR buoy and other MetOcean solutions are founded on mature technology and proven over many years, in hundreds of real-time deployments.

A seasoned, expert team, providing solutions for delivering Floating LiDAR data and more traditional MetOcean data, including solutions for currents and wave monitoring with buoy and/or bottom mounted systems and even drifting platforms and drogues.

The Green Rebel Floating LiDAR buoy has been independently verified having reached stage 2 on the OWA roadmap for commercial acceptance of floating LIDAR.

Our Metocean Solutions

Delivering investment-grade insights.

A full range of MetOcean solutions, planned and executed by an expert team. All underpinned by IDS DataLink – a secure web-based, real-time data management system, ensuring the consistent availability and accessibility of all insights in real-time.

Measuring Wind

IDS solutions include leading-edge floating LIDAR all the way through to shore-based met station towers.

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Measuring Waves

Including wave riders and bottom-mounted AWACs for height, period and direction.

Measuring Currents

Bottom or buoy mounted ADCP for profiling to drogue studies for circulation Met monitoring.

Measuring Water Quality monitoring

Buoy and fixed solutions to deliver turbidity, DO, pH, TS and more through the water column as required.

Specialist Projects

IDS has a team of innovative engineers providing specialist bespoke monitoring solutions at sea for 25 years. Unique solutions, fully tailored to the specific requirements of each client.

Why Green Rebel For Metocean

  • A seasoned team with over 25-years’ experience
  • Proven, global, buoy deployments
  • Innovative, market-leading solutions
  • Proven technology and telemetry systems

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