Enabling the successful harnessing of offshore wind energy

We have a massive green energy resource on our doorstep. For the planet, and the economy, we need to greatly accelerate our harnessing of this energy. To do it right requires a complete understanding of the offshore environment.

Green Rebel was founded by environmental advocate and entrepreneur, Pearse Flynn, to provide an Irish based, complete offshore survey service, support offshore wind energy projects, and help Ireland achieve its climate objectives.

Our Purpose
  • Least impact on the environment.
  • Optimal harnessing of energy.
  • Best return for investors.

Strategically located in Cork, Ireland

We’re headquartered Cork City, just 20km from the historic Crosshaven Boatyard, home to our first offices and fleet of vessels. Cork Airport is on our doorstep, while our MetOcean team is based in nearby Limerick. Strategic locations, ensuring we’re primed and ready to quickly mobilise when needed.

We need to harness the incredible supply of wind energy that exists on our shores

but we need to do it right – right for the environment, right for optimal energy generation, and right for our communities. Getting it right starts with a complete understanding of the offshore environment. We need the bravery and ambition to build a new industry, create thousands of jobs, and make a significant contribution to our communities, country and environment.
Pearse Flynn :: Founder :: Green Rebel

Our Values

Be a Rebel

At Green Rebel individuals can grow in an environment where diversity is valued and positive contributions are recognised. Everyone can be a leader; Green Rebel is committed to providing a platform to develop, inspire change and positively impact our communities.

Our Values

Stronger Together

Working at Green Rebel means being respected, included and safe. We believe a dynamic, engaged and enthusiastic workforce is fundamental to our success. Together we foster a collaborative approach to our work and bring out the best in one another.

Our Values

Excellence as Standard

At Green Rebel, we take pride in the quality of our work and we are committed to excellence in everything we do. We hold ourselves individually accountable for sustaining and continuously improving the highest standards across our organisation.

Our Values

Challenge the Convention

Innovation is in our DNA, we value being bold and challenging the status quo. We accept that not everything we try will bring immediate success, but we’re always willing to journey high and low to identify the best solutions.

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