innovative, state-of-
the-art floating LiDAR

More buoyancy, greater redundancy, more complete and accurate data.

The Green Rebel / IDS Floating LiDAR platform is a state-of-the art solution, providing offshore developers with market-leading insights and intelligence. The buoy platform has been designed in Ireland and purpose-built for deployment and endurance in the most challenging sea conditions and has achieved level 2 certification. A unique, advanced solution, offering more power than any other buoy, more buoyancy than any other solution and featuring proven technology and telemetry systems.

Technical Specifications

Wind speed profiles

  • Measure wind speeds up to 300m, at a sampling rate of 50Hz.
  • Powered by the ZX300m from Zephir.

Wave climate

  • Understand wave height, heave and direction.
  • Powered by the Datawell IMU sensor.

Current climate

  • Measure current profiles at up to 8Hz.
  • Powered by Nortek Signature 500 ADCP.

Met Monitoring

  • Understand met conditions at your site, including visibility.


  • The platform is powered by 32 110W solar panels and 2 wind turbines, with 2 backup fuel cells.


  • The buoy has a gross buoyancy of 24,000kg, with a net buoyancy of 12,000kg.
  • Eight independent floats providing the 24,000kg buoyancy of the buoy.
Data Processing & Reporting

Better data, better decisions

Data gathered from each of the onboard sensors is stored, backed up and transferred to remote servers. On the buoy, data is processed by the IDS data processing systems, including motion compensation for the LiDAR data. Data is reported to shore every three hours and made available to clients in near-real time via the IDS Secure DataLink Server.

Data is reviewed, processed and presented in a monthly report that includes performance metrics on the system and also provides a monthly dataset.


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