Expert data acquisition
and analysis

Advanced, precise, digital aerial marine ecology monitoring.

Complete digital aerial marine ecology survey workflow from survey design and data acquisition to analysis and reporting. Featuring advanced technologies including high-resolution cameras and high-precision georeferenced imagery, backed by our own proprietary, purpose-built software including AI for advanced image classification

All data captured from our specialist survey aircraft is analysed by a team of expert ecologists with decades of experience in species identification. Precise, complete mapping of species distribution and abundance in the offshore environment.


Complete aerial marine ecology survey workflow

Lean on our team of experts to deliver a full, end-to-end aerial marine ecology survey workflow. Expertly planned and precisely executed to help accelerate your project.

Survey Design

Precision planning for a successful programme.

Our expert team take into consideration a number of key parameters, including proximity to Special Protected Areas (SPAs) or Special Areas of Conservation (SACs), bathymetry and benthic habitat. This strategic design maximises the accuracy of the survey data and ensures adequate precision for detecting changes post-construction.

Data Acquisition

Faster, higher-quality data acquisition.

High-quality data acquisition using our own specialist aircraft. Featuring state-of-the-art, high-resolution aerial cameras that allow us to fly above the recognised disturbance threshold, ensuring a low-noise and faster data acquisition process. All overseen by our expert aerial team, ensuring quality control throughout.

Image Production

Location measurements to within 10cm.

Images are captured using a gyroscopically stabilised mount to minimise motion blur, supported by a high-precision GNSS-INS, allowing for highly accurate georeferencing. Powering precise estimations of bird or mammal body length and allowing for pinpoint location measurements to within 10cm.


Bespoke technologies for highly accurate image classification

Our bespoke software systems, which includes AI tools, are purpose-built for use in offshore digital aerial marine ecology surveys and tailored to locate the species likely to be observed in the local environment. Our experienced image analysts, backed by thorough quality control processes, leverage these systems to deliver highly accurate classification.

Species Identification

Expert analysis and identification.

Trained and highly qualified ecologists identify biotic signals within our imagery to species-level. Key attribute information, such as bird body size, are gathered to inform further analyses such as collision risk modelling.

Species Mapping

Recording species distributions, densities and behaviours.

Across the survey period, we develop a detailed understanding of species distribution, densities and behaviour. With extensive expertise in both design- and model-based analytical techniques, our experts have developed robust and externally audited workflows that help to guide and inform decision making.


Detailed reporting to fully inform your projects.

We summarise all data, insights and findings into comprehensive, detailed reports that fully inform and guide all projects.

Why Us for Aerial

  • High-precision georeferenced location data
  • Advanced image classification systems
  • Highly experienced team of seasoned ecologists and data analysts
  • Our own fleet of aircraft and strategic base for quick deployment and minimal environmental impact

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