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“Having spent 25 years working for oil majors I found myself developing a growing awareness of the damage to the planet which hydrocarbon fuels were directly responsible for. In 2020 I watched David Attenborough's documentary “A life on our Planet” and I immediately made my mind up. It was time for me to go and make a new life for myself in the renewable energy sector. I am thrilled to be following my dream of making a carbon neutral world a reality”.

Michael Horgan

Group CEO 

Michael is a master mariner as well as having a wealth of commercial experience from around the globe. Michael has over 25 years of experience in management roles in the energy industry and he was eager to move into the renewable energy sector. He is originally from Cross haven and is excited to be back having spent over 30 years travelling and working abroad.

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Dr. Jared Peters

Director of Surveys

Dr. Sarah Kandrot

Head of Aerial Surveys