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Dr. Jared Peters

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“This drive to fill the industry’s needs is the defining characteristic of Green Rebel - we are not just a survey company, or a buoy company, or a consultancy company. We are a one-stop-shop for all the data acquisition and knowledge generation needs the renewable energy industry has.”

Dr. Jared Peters

Jared has over a decade of research and survey planning experience. He has a degree in geo science, a masters in paleo glaciology and a PhD in Environmental Science. Jared has published many scientific works from multibeam-based seabed geomorphology to Bayesian probability modelling for offshore renewable energy developments. He held a postdoctoral research position at UCC and has recently been made a a Chartered Scientist (CSci), a Chartered Marine Scientist (C Mar Sci) and a Fellow of the Institute for Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (FI Mar EST). Jared was one of the first in Green Rebel and has created a strong team of expert scientists in the development of the business.  

Dr. Jared Peters
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Dr. Jared Peters

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