Green Rebel Plans €20m Tech Boost

13th July 2022

Green Rebel, a renewable energy company that provides services to offshore wind developers, will invest upwards of €20m in the coming years as it looks to ramp up production and establish an international presence.

Green Rebel was founded by well-known entrepreneur Pearse Flynn. He previously sold his company Newbridge Networks to Alcatel for over $7bn (€6.3bn) before establishing Damovo and then CreditFix. It was announced that IDS Monitoring, Green Rebel’s MetOcean Team, would be deploying its new ocean-based technology to measure wind speed in the Atlantic Ocean and further afield.

Technical Director John Wallace said the technology would be crucial for developers in identifying and selecting the best locations for their investment.

“The seas off the Irish coast provide incredible opportunities, but those investing need to know where they can secure the best return,” he said.

“The team at IDS, supported by Green Rebel, will be able to use data from the Green Rebel Floating Lidar Buoy to inform that decision-making process through intelligent automation and cutting edge lidar technology. We have used our experience in Ireland to develop a technology that can be used not just off our shores but also around the world, as producers embrace offshore wind as a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels.”

The Green Rebel Floating Lidar Buoy is designed to operate autonomously at sea and uses laser technology to profile the speed of winds at heights of up to 300m. It also delivers data on waves, ocean currents and water quality. The data captured is sent back to shore, where a team of specialists can interpret it at Green Rebel’s dedicated MetOcean base in Limerick.

Green Rebel is engaged with a number of offshore developers to conduct detailed topographical and environmental survey work.

Sun, 27th February

This article first appeared on the Irish Independent


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